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Born: June 25, 1963, Salamanca, Spain
Birth Country: Spain
Occupation: Author

Cinema is visually powerful, it is a complete experience, reaches a different audience. It's something I really like. I like movies.
- Yann Martel

Every book I've written has been a different attempt to understand something, and the success or failure of the previous one is irrelevant. I write the book I want.
- Yann Martel

Fanatics do not have faith - they have belief. With faith you let go. You trust. Whereas with belief you cling.
- Yann Martel

How do you live with evil? Art is traditionally - certainly with my secular background - the answer, but art is very self-referential, whereas religion claims to go beyond the bounds of human existence.
- Yann Martel

I find that movies tend to fix the aesthetics of a story in people's minds.
- Yann Martel

I love Canada. It's a wonderful political act of faith that exists atop a breathtakingly beautiful land.
- Yann Martel

I'm still learning my craft.
- Yann Martel

If I didn't have children, I think my life would be a failure.
- Yann Martel

Reality is how we interpret it. Imagination and volition play a part in that interpretation. Which means that all reality is to some extent a fiction.
- Yann Martel

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