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Born: September 6, 1919,
Birth Country:
Died: , September 27, 2011
Occupation: Inventor

Rocket scientists agree that we have about reached the limit of our ability to travel in space using chemical rockets. To achieve anything near the speed of light we will need a new energy source and a new propellant. Nuclear fission is not an option.
- Wilson Greatbatch

We need the kind of leadership exemplified by President Kennedy to just do it! But we must do it as good stewards, aggressively exerting control over the moon. We can best do this by going there.
- Wilson Greatbatch

When you buy a gallon of gas, over 60 percent of the energy you pay for goes out the radiator in the form of waste heat? That's why you have a radiator in your car in the first place.
- Wilson Greatbatch

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