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Born: September 15, 1857, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Birth Country: USA
Died: Washington, District of Columbia, USA, March 8, 1930
Occupation: 27th President of the United States

Failure to accord credit to anyone for what he may have done is a great weakness in any man.
- William Howard Taft

I do not know much about politics, but I am trying to do the best I can with this administration until the time shall come for me to turn it over to somebody else.
- William Howard Taft

If this humor be the safety of our race, then it is due largely to the infusion into the American people of the Irish brain.
- William Howard Taft

No tendency is quite so strong in human nature as the desire to lay down rules of conduct for other people.
- William Howard Taft

Politics makes me sick.
- William Howard Taft

We live in a stage of politics, where legislators seem to regard the passage of laws as much more important than the results of their enforcement.
- William Howard Taft

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