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Born: 1944,
Birth Country:
Occupation: Author

All theory of modernity in sociology suggests that the more modernity there is, the less religion. In my theory we can realize that this is wrong: atheism is only one belief system among many.
- Ulrich Beck

I forced myself to think what is the new concept and it became clear to me that it was risk, not only in technology and ecology, but in life and employment, too.
- Ulrich Beck

Neither science, nor the politics in power, nor the mass media, nor business, nor the law nor even the military are in a position to define or control risks rationally.
- Ulrich Beck

The basic assumption of the secular society is that modernity overcomes religion.
- Ulrich Beck

You cannot make peace with terrorists. The normal dividing lines between war and peace do not apply.
- Ulrich Beck

You need education. You need subsistence protection. We need jobs and social security. These are preconditions under which it will perhaps be possible to deal with these complex circumstances.
- Ulrich Beck

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