Tiff Samples

* Currently, copy of TIFF_Sample_Files page. This page will eventually show different samples of embedding tags. img, embedd, etc.
This extension is an alternative for AlternaTIFF plug-in that isn't supported in Chrome. ITV supports most of the AlternaTIFF formats found on there HOW TO PAGE.

These are LARGE Tiff files and will take a minute to load. Small to medium sized tiff files will load a lot faster.

Tiff images will load as they are converted into png.

After loading, you can use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out, plus, click to drag the image around.
Style sheet width and heights are honored, along with old html width and height tags.

NOTE: ALT Tag bug. - There is a bug that makes the intial image very small, if the alt tag is included on an image. I will fix it in future release.
Work around is to use the mousewheel to zoom in on the tiny image to make it big.

Example of Alt Tag bug. Use mouse wheel to zoom image to viewable size. Drag image to center of screen.  example of Alt Tag bug


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