Updated Features for Inline Tiff Viewer

Multi-page Tiffs - ITV - Chrome Extension Thank you for trying!

Updated Features for Inline Tiff Viewer

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What does it do?

What does product do?

Multi-Page Tiff - ITV - Chrome Extension

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Multi-page Tiff Sample.

each individual page is zoomable and dragable.

Original HTML link...
                    <img src='http://quotelight.com/TiffViewer/images/multipage_tiff_example.tif' height='800px' style='height: 800px;'>
(1.11KB) Converted to ...

http://quotelight.com/TiffViewer/images/multipage_tiff_example.tif (792KB)
Internal Images are converted to PNGs and displayed in individual HTML 5 Canvas.
Samples curtesy of Veit Guna

Oh yeah, it's that good.
See for yourself.

My TIFF Viewer was orginally designed in the beginning of 2017. Chrome was no longer displaying TIFF files, a key image format with my new employer.

Our employees preferred Chrome over IE and Edge, but for years, had to switch back to those browsers to view scanned tiff files.

Conversion of existing code and image files was not an option.

ITV worked better than expected.

Our pages heavily used alternaTIFF embeded objects. ITV detects and replaces AlternaTIFF objects, tiff img tags, iframes, objects, and embeds with a converted png image inside an HTML Canvas. The converted image is placed at the same location, and is the same size as the tag for the original tiff container. It can be dragged around the page and zoomed in and out. Plus, multi-page tiffs and large tiffs are quickly handled with ITV.

You should be able to do this with your converted tiff files...

See ITV in action

Sample Tiff Files

Multi-image tiff files

Multi-Page Tiff

Object, embed and frame detection

Multiple Display Styles

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