My Chrome Developer Account has been suspended by Google after having been falsly accused of having malicious code.

I did not nor would I ever put malicious code in any code. My extensions were developed primarily for my own use and shared with the open community.

Unfortunately, CISCO's Duo Security mistakenly tagged my extensions, using their automated tool, as having code that some use for malicious activity. Partnering with Google, they took down thousands of extensions. Some of those extensions were likely malicious. Many, like mine, were not. My extensions and account was taken down without any warning. No email, no call. Nothing.

My appeals have been on going, but so far ignored by Google. No explaination given. My extensions began to be uninstalled last week (03/07/2020). I had over 8,000 users of different controls. I know they were being used for daily work and enjoyment. I am sorry they are gone. I HIGHLY discourage other developers from investing their time in Google Chrome extensions. They can and will wipe out your work without warning and without a care. Think long and hard before developing code for the Google stores.

Here is the CISCO site that partnering with Google, maliciously brought down my developer account. - Duo Security is now a part of Cisco

Updated Features for Inline Tiff Viewer

Inline Tiff Viewer Thank you for trying!

Updated Features for Inline Tiff Viewer

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What does it do?

What does product do?

Inline Tiff Viewer - Automatically converts tiff files to a format that Chrome will display

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If you see Dudley Leavitt, then the tiff conversion worked!
Mouse Over the Image and notice the cursor change. Click and drag the image around the screen!
Use the mouse wheel to zoom-in and zoom-out.

If not, then install extension on Google Play.

Inline Tiff Viewer
Thank you for trying.

It'll blow your mind.

release 1.5.0

release 1.1.0

Oh yeah, it's that good.
See for yourself.

My TIFF Viewer was orginally designed in the beginning of 2017. Chrome was no longer displaying TIFF files, a key image format with my new employer.

Our employees preferred Chrome over IE and Edge, but for years, had to switch back to those browsers to view scanned tiff files.

Conversion of existing code and image files was not an option.

ITV worked better than expected.

Our pages heavily used alternaTIFF embeded objects. ITV detects and replaces AlternaTIFF objects, tiff img tags, iframes, objects, and embeds with a converted png image inside an HTML Canvas. The converted image is placed at the same location, and is the same size as the tag for the original tiff container. It can be dragged around the page and zoomed in and out. Plus, multi-page tiffs and large tiffs are quickly handled with ITV.

You should be able to do this with your converted tiff files...

See ITV in action

Sample Tiff Files

Multi-Page Tiff

Multiple Display Styles

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