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a great tiff / tif image converter and viewer for Google Chrome

Thank you for trying and hopefully supporting my effort to provide a great tool to display tiff files. It is designed to recognize AlternaTIFF objects, tiff in img tags, iframes, objects, and embeds. It is "inline" in that the extension automatically picks up the various tiff containers and inserts a canvas of the same size with the converted tiff. It then hides the old invalid tiff container.

The Inline tiff viewer (ITV) came about as a suggestion by Lance, a rather clever and creative collegue. We kid that if we can make enough on this, we can each buy pools for our kids. lol

In all seriousness, visiting this page frequently and donating anything you can will help continued development of the Inline Tiff Viewer. I will split the money with my friend.

If you see Dudley, then the tiff conversion worked! If not, then install extension on Google Play.

Zoom-in and zoom-out using the mouse wheel over the image. Pan by clicking and dragging.
version 1.0.5 adds sizing and moving outside of inline div location
try it with the image to the left <<<

I hope ITV serves a need for you. At my new job, we had thousands of tiffs and lots of old programs that used them. Our employees had to switch to IE to view the tiff files. ITV solved that problem just as Microsoft had a problem with a new update of IE that broke the old viewing code.

See ITV and TIFF/Tif Samples in action

Demo Files

Go to this Page for Demonstration of extension with object, embed and frame detection

Multiple Display Styles

Go to this Page for Demonstration of multi-image tiff files

Multiple Page Tiff

Let me know what you think about ITV and how it can be improved.

thank you,


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Sample Files

Sample Files

Demonstration of extension with object, embed and frame detection

Multiple Display Styles

Demonstration of extension with Multi-page Tiff files

Multiple Page Tiff