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Born: November 14, 1975, Fontana, California, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Celebrity

I can play punk rock, and I love playing punk rock, but I was into every other style of music before I played punk rock.
- Travis Barker

I looked Death right in the face.
- Travis Barker

I need protein from food rather than just protein supplements. I changed my diet.
- Travis Barker

I was a kid, and I wasn't even sure if I wanted to play the drums, you know? All I wanted to do was skateboard, but I was still learning and taking it in, so it was good.
- Travis Barker

I'm a freak, everything has to be totally flat when I play. Ed Will, my jazz teacher, set up everything completely flat, and then you'd tilt your snare drum away from you, so I do that too. So my snare tilts away from me.
- Travis Barker

It's something I want to overcome. And my kids are scared to death to fly. I want them to witness me overcome it.
- Travis Barker

My biggest fear ever is to be involved in a plane crash, so when that happened... well, I'm just thankful to be alive. I'm just grateful to be here at all.
- Travis Barker

My mom died when I was 16. I had a rough childhood, you know what I mean, but it made me strong.
- Travis Barker

My mom listened to the Beatles and Elvis, a lot of different types of music.
- Travis Barker

My mom passed away a day before high school started, and her dream was for me to be a full rock and roll guy, and play drums in a band.
- Travis Barker

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