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Born: November 6, 1953,
Birth Country:
Occupation: Author

I box for four hours a week and my diet is pretty healthy.
- Tony Parsons

I have found having my dad as my North Star has worked well for me.
- Tony Parsons

Largely this is a class thing - writers tend to be cosseted little middle-class kiddies who think that the world owes them a royalty cheque. But just doing it - being in your room for years on end, locked in your head, alone with invented ghosts - it weakens and softens the body. And I know I can't just live in my head.
- Tony Parsons

My principal motivation is supporting my family, which is not a bad reason for getting up in the morning. That's always been my motivation - to take care of the people who rely on me.
- Tony Parsons

The most convincing argument against early parenthood is that you are in a relationship that is likely to fall apart before that child grows up.
- Tony Parsons

The thing I care about is my weight - I'm as fanatical about it as a member of Girls Aloud. I weigh myself every morning. I know exactly what I want to be - 82kg - and I try to stick to it.
- Tony Parsons

When he was born, I looked at my little boy and felt an unconditional love I never knew was inside me. As he grew, and I watched him stagger about, squeak his first words, and turn into a beautiful little boy, that feeling did not change.
- Tony Parsons

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