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Born: May 24, 1938, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Birth Country: Canada
Occupation: Comedian

If I don't get paid I'm going to take a whole lot of Marshall amps home with me on the plane.
- Tommy Chong

My incarceration was actually a positive thing from the beginning. I needed a gimmick to get my act going again, it gave me material.
- Tommy Chong

Religion is run by thought police. 'Obey. Listen. This is what you do. Don't ask questions. Go die for your country.' The spirituality says, 'Okay, you can die for your country, but know what you're doing while you're doing it.'
- Tommy Chong

The funny thing is, Dennis Miller got me back into comedy.
- Tommy Chong

To be in a situation where you have no rights whatsoever is something I wish everybody could experience. People's attitudes would change. It would be a better place.
- Tommy Chong

We won a contest at the teen fair in Vancouver and the first prize was a recording contract and we recorded at a radio station on the stairway, and we did a record and it got put out.
- Tommy Chong

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