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Born: July 3, 1937, Zlín, Czech Republic
Birth Country: Czech Republic
Occupation: Author

A healthy attitude is contagious but don't wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier.
- Tom Stoppard

Age is a very high price to pay for maturity.
- Tom Stoppard

Any revival in which I am involved is liable to change.
- Tom Stoppard

Back in the East you can't do much without the right papers, but with the right papers you can do anything The believe in papers. Papers are power.
- Tom Stoppard

Beauty is desired in order that it may be befouled not for its own sake, but for the joy brought by the certainty of profaning it.
- Tom Stoppard

From as long as, literally as far back as I can remember I've liked puns, word jokes, I can literally recall looking at a comic at the age of six or seven and I remember what I enjoyed and what it was precisely and how the joke worked.
- Tom Stoppard

From principles is derived probability, but truth or certainty is obtained only from facts.
- Tom Stoppard

I don't act, I don't direct, I don't design.
- Tom Stoppard

I like pop music. I consider rock 'n' roll to be a branch of pop music.
- Tom Stoppard

I still believe that if your aim is to change the world, journalism is a more immediate short-term weapon.
- Tom Stoppard

I think age is a very high price to pay for maturity.
- Tom Stoppard

I think that the present is worth attention, one shouldn't sacrifice it to future conceptions of, of this future or that future.
- Tom Stoppard

I was delighted to not go to university. I couldn't wait to be out of education.
- Tom Stoppard

I was interested by the idea that artists working in a totalitarian dictatorship or tsarist autocracy are secretly and slightly shamefully envied by artists who work in freedom. They have the gratification of intense interest: the authorities want to put them in jail, while there are younger readers for whom what they write is pure oxygen.
- Tom Stoppard

I write out of my intellectual experience.
- Tom Stoppard

It is not hard to understand modern art. If it hangs on a wall it's a painting, and if you can walk around it it's a sculpture.
- Tom Stoppard

It's not the voting that's democracy it's the counting.
- Tom Stoppard

My work always tried to unite the true with the beautiful but when I had to choose one or the other, I usually chose the beautiful.
- Tom Stoppard

Skill without imagination is craftsmanship and gives us many useful objects such as wickerwork picnic baskets. Imagination without skill gives us modern art.
- Tom Stoppard

The House of Lords, an illusion to which I have never been able to subscribe - responsibility without power, the prerogative of the eunuch throughout the ages.
- Tom Stoppard

Well I believe in the desirability of an optimal society.
- Tom Stoppard

You can't but know that if you can capture the emotions of the audience as well as their minds, the play will work better, because it's a narrative art form.
- Tom Stoppard

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