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Born: December 16, 1984, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK
Birth Country: UK
Occupation: Actor

I saw 'Captain America' in 3D. It's cool. I liked the beginning. It's a really good setup.
- Theo James

I've got two brothers and two sisters, so there's five of us and we're all very close, which is cool.
- Theo James

In Britain, you do your job. When you do an American TV show, there is a sense of being one with the crew, and there is a leadership element, which was a learning curve for me because it is very different culturally. In Britain, you just do it, leave and say, 'Thanks.'
- Theo James

What I like about the 'Underworld' thing is that it's a mix of cool genres, as well as creating its own message.
- Theo James

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