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Born: December 22, 1957, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Birth Country: Australia
Occupation: Author

Hard work - I mean, does anybody use that term anymore? Laziness doesn't fly. It's all in the practice. It does take work and it ain't easy - but man, the rewards!
- Susan Powter

Very few people are original. There's very little original anything out there. Because to be original means you have to stand alone.
- Susan Powter

What's natural and right is to go with the energy of how it all has to work together. What's natural and right is interconnectedness, not individualism. What is natural and right is respect for the system, not killing the system. What's natural and right is love.
- Susan Powter

You can be fat and love yourself. You can be fat and have a great damn personality. You can be fat and sew your own clothes. But you can't be fat and healthy.
- Susan Powter

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