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Born: 1936-09-26, Lima, Ohio, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: counselor, small business owner

As a former professional patient advocate, I believe prescription drugs are an essential part of high-quality medical treatment, and I supported enactment of the Medicare Prescription Drug and Modernization Act.
- Sue Kelly

As a former teacher and a mother and grandmother, I know firsthand the importance of a quality education.
- Sue Kelly

My efforts in Congress are guided by the belief that environmental preservation and restoration are a critical part of the legacy we leave to future generations.
- Sue Kelly

The growth of Stewart Airport creates new jobs for area residents, brings new business and new travelers to the region, and brings new convenient travel options to those of us living in the Hudson Valley.
- Sue Kelly

The sacrifices made by veterans and their willingness to fight in defense of our nation merit our deep respect and praise - and to the best in benefits and medical care.
- Sue Kelly

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