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Born: September 30, 1948,
Birth Country:
Occupation: Author

Ambition is an idol, on whose wings great minds are carried only to extreme to be sublimely great or to be nothing.
- Shakti Gawain

Every time you don't follow your inner guidance, you feel a loss of energy, loss of power, a sense of spiritual deadness.
- Shakti Gawain

There is a universal, intelligent, life force that exists within everyone and everything. It resides within each one of use as a deep wisdom, an inner knowing. We can access this wonderful source of knowledge and wisdom through our intuition, an inner sense that tells us what feels right and true for us at any given moment.
- Shakti Gawain

We all have within us a deep wisdom, but sometimes we don't know we have it.
- Shakti Gawain

We live in a culture that doesn't acknowledge or validate human intuition and doesn't encourage us to rely on our intuitive wisdom.
- Shakti Gawain

When I wrote Living in the Light, I wanted to share about how I live my own life and to encourage people to tap into their own inner wisdom.
- Shakti Gawain

When we consistently suppress and distrust our intuitive knowingness, looking instead for authority, validation, and approval from others, we give our personal power away.
- Shakti Gawain

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