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Born: October 3, 1976, Cottage Grove, Minnesota, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Actor

I don't generally do movies that get good reviews.
- Seann William Scott

I don't really necessarily think I'm a funny guy, but I like the opportunity to take on something that I don't feel I'm the best at doing.
- Seann William Scott

I don't want to get home from work and wonder if I could have done better if I didn't go out that night. What you're doing is going to go on the big screen and go down in history.
- Seann William Scott

I find that when you see somebody in the tabloids all the time, you have no desire to see them in movies.
- Seann William Scott

I tend to go for women with common sense. Being down to earth stands out more than looks.
- Seann William Scott

I was a total athlete. I loved sports, but when I realized I wasn't going to be a professional athlete, I realized I wanted to be in movies.
- Seann William Scott

I'm cool with the way I look, I'm not an ugly dog, but I don't see myself as a stud or anything.
- Seann William Scott

I'm never afraid to try something if I think it's funny. And I know I'll regret it if I don't.
- Seann William Scott

I'm not sure anybody's ready to see me in a drama. And loving movies so much, I've seen a lot of comics try to make that transition too fast, and it can be detrimental. And I don't think I've had as much success as I need in the comedy genre to open up those opportunities.
- Seann William Scott

I'm the kind of guy that if I don't work out, I will get bigger and look like one of the guys who used to play sports.
- Seann William Scott

It's been a huge blessing, being able to travel and have a great life.
- Seann William Scott

My dad was diagnosed with cancer, so we ended up burying him a year to the day that he was diagnosed.
- Seann William Scott

My role model is my dad.
- Seann William Scott

The surprising thing is that I was not funny in high school. I was always jealous of the funny kids because they always got the girls. I couldn't tell a joke to save my life.
- Seann William Scott

There are a lot of movies I've done that come and go, and don't really establish a growing fan base.
- Seann William Scott

Working on the 'Ice Age' movies, I'm really proud to be in them.
- Seann William Scott

You have to have fear to take risks - and I want to at least try.
- Seann William Scott

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