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Born: February 29, 1972, Newburgh, New York, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Music artist

Hip-hop is still cool at a party. But to me, hip-hop has never been strictly a party it is also there to elevate consciousness.
- Saul Williams

I am hoping for peaceful transition into a new age. Obama has already played a great role in initiating us into that vision. If he were to be harmed in any way, it would spawn the birth of a million Obamas.
- Saul Williams

I think it's a mistake where rap music is these days. It doesn't seem to be able to look out of the ghetto and that's ultimately unfortunate, because it defines our limitations.
- Saul Williams

I think we fool ourselves and really negate a great deal of history if we think that the oral history of poetry is shorter than the written history of poetry. It's not true. Poetry has a longer oral tradition than it does written.
- Saul Williams

I was always making up rhymes. But I never thought that poetry would become my life.
- Saul Williams

More people than ever are slowly but surely turning their ears toward poetry.
- Saul Williams

My father's a preacher, my mother's a teacher, thus I rhyme.
- Saul Williams

The downfall of the industry seems to actually be good for art. I think the industry will find their way once the focus shifts from its greed-based origins, downsizes, and begins to support creative visions that speak to our times and shifting ideals.
- Saul Williams

Why shouldn't rap be esoteric, able to take in current events, history and criticism? I guess it's this old idea of containment - that rappers, because they're black, can't and shouldn't aspire to look outside the ghetto for influence.
- Saul Williams

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