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Born: December 14, 1966, Sacramento, California
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Author

Becoming a mother cannot help but change things. An author's life is reflected in their writing, whether they want it to be or not, and parenthood is one of the biggest life changes there is.
- Sarah Zettel

I graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA in Communications and left formal education behind.
- Sarah Zettel

I have a better internal and intuitive understanding of folklore and myth than science and technology, so in that way fantasy is easier.
- Sarah Zettel

I have to do more close research and fact checking for the science fiction. This is not however to say that writing good fantasy does not involve doing good research.
- Sarah Zettel

I'm mostly a novelist these days, but I have written short stories in Fantasy, Science Fiction and horror.
- Sarah Zettel

My joking answer to this question is that I leave a bowl of milk out on the back porch every night for the Idea Fairy. In the morning, the milk is gone and there's a brand-new shiny idea by the bowl.
- Sarah Zettel

Now, Venus is an extremely hostile environment, and as such presents a lot of challenges for a science fiction author who wants to create life there. However, as I began to research it more thoroughly, I found myself intrigued by the possibilities the world offers.
- Sarah Zettel

Then, I realized that there is an indigenous presence in the Solar System. It's us. So, then, I got to wondering what would happen if a more technologically advanced society moved next door to us, the way we moved next door to the American Indians.
- Sarah Zettel

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