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Born: December 1, 1970, Bedford, New Hampshire, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Comedian

And then before going back for my sophomore year, I decided to change my major to arts and sciences, and my dad cut a deal with me: He said if I'd quit school he'd pay my rent for the next three years, as if I were in school.
- Sarah Silverman

But I think you can make fun of anything as long as it's funny enough.
- Sarah Silverman

I like my life alone.
- Sarah Silverman

I mean, I talk about being Jewish a lot. It's funny because I do think of myself as Jewish ethnically, but I'm not religious at all. I have no religion.
- Sarah Silverman

It shows the truth - that the real meaning of a word is only as powerful or harmless as the emotion behind it.
- Sarah Silverman

Some people say my humor focuses too much on stereotypes. It doesn't. It focuses on facts.
- Sarah Silverman

Well, I'm not afraid to say something if I think it's funny, even if it's harsh or racist.
- Sarah Silverman

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