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Born: November 5, 1968, Daly City, California, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Actor

Good acting is good acting, however you learn it. Some people who haven't studied are amazing. Some people like Leonardo DiCaprio are naturally gifted - he's learned technique by working with people early on.
- Sam Rockwell

I saw things at an early age because my mom was a theater actress. I did a play with her when I was 10 years old.
- Sam Rockwell

I've studied a technique called the Sanford Miesner technique, that teaches you how to focus. It's mainly about daydreaming. And the technique's really about imaginary circumstances. Using your imagination to sort of daydream about stuff. It makes you emotional in a scene.
- Sam Rockwell

My parents were both actors my dad sort of quite early on. My mother acted for a while, and now she's a painter.
- Sam Rockwell

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