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Born: October 23, 1959, Royal Oak, Michigan, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Director

Every picture has been a learning opportunity for me.
- Sam Raimi

I like something where I can really use my imagination and be an active participant in the construction of the monster and usually that's in the world of the supernatural or the world of the fantastic, so that's why those kinds of stories about demons and the supernatural appeal to me or maybe I'm really interested in that subject.
- Sam Raimi

I'm not certain, but I have a little gypsy blood in me. And my mother always told me that her grandma could give someone the evil eye, and I'd better not cross her because she had some of that blood in her. Mother always believed that she could predict the future, and she had dreams that came true.
- Sam Raimi

My father told me to dress to reflect the respect you have for the people around you. I've never forgotten that.
- Sam Raimi

When we read stories of heroes, we identify with them. We take the journey with them. We see how the obstacles almost overcome them. We see how they grow as human beings or gain qualities or show great qualities of strength and courage and with them, we grow in some small way.
- Sam Raimi

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