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Born: March 5, 1871, Zamość, Poland
Birth Country: Poland
Died: Berlin, Germany, January 15, 1919
Occupation: Politician, Philospher, Marxist Tehorist, Economist, Socialist
Religion: Jewish Ideology: Socialist

Freedom is always and exclusively freedom for the one who thinks differently.
- Rosa Luxemburg

Freedom is always the freedom of dissenters.
- Rosa Luxemburg

Freedom only for the members of the government, only for the members of the Party - though they are quite numerous - is no freedom at all.
- Rosa Luxemburg

History is the only true teacher, the revolution the best school for the proletariat.
- Rosa Luxemburg

The more that social democracy develops, grows, and becomes stronger, the more the enlightened masses of workers will take their own destinies, the leadership of their movement, and the determination of its direction into their own hands.
- Rosa Luxemburg

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