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Born: July 5, 1951, Pontotoc, Mississippi, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Politician

Embryonic stem cell research is legal in America, and nothing in the administration's current policy affects that legality 400 lines are currently being used to conduct embryonic stem cell research, both in the private sector and by the Federal Government.
- Roger Wicker

Illegal immigration is not just a matter of interest in states along our border with Mexico. It is having an effect on local economies, schools, health care delivery, and public safety all across the country.
- Roger Wicker

It is false to suggest that medical breakthroughs come only through government research.
- Roger Wicker

Legislation to create a new 10 percent tax bracket, reduce the marriage penalty, cut the tax rate on dividends and capital gains, and increase the child tax credit have been essential elements in this economic expansion.
- Roger Wicker

Since 2001, the Patriot Act has provided the means to detect and disrupt terrorist threats against the U.S. Prior to enactment of the law, major legal barriers prevented intelligence, national defense, and law enforcement agencies from working together and sharing information.
- Roger Wicker

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