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Born: August 20, 1948, West Bromwich, West Midlands, England, UK
Birth Country: UK
Occupation: Music artist

Alone I'm nothing.
- Robert Plant

Entertainment isn't just based on the very structured syndrome of European popular music, and it's great that there are so many thousands of people who are of the same opinion.
- Robert Plant

How can you consider flower power outdated? The essence of my lyrics is the desire for peace and harmony. That's all anyone has ever wanted. How could it become outdated?
- Robert Plant

I daresay one good concert justifies a week of satisfaction at home.
- Robert Plant

I have to try and change the landscape, whatever it is.
- Robert Plant

I like the idea of being alone. I like the idea of often being alone in all aspects of my life. I like to feel lonely. I like to need things.
- Robert Plant

I like to comprehend more or less everything around me - apart from the creation of my music. It's an obsessive character trait that's getting worse. I don't switch the light on and off 15 times before I leave the room yet, but something's going wrong.
- Robert Plant

I think Led Zeppelin must have worn some of the most peculiar clothing that men had ever been seen to wear without cracking a smile.
- Robert Plant

I'm just lucky because my kids are grown-up - I love them, very proud of them, and we are in close contact as big-time friends, but they don't need me that much now and I can actually enjoy this wonderful world of music.
- Robert Plant

I've stopped apologizing to myself for having this great period of success and financial acceptance.
- Robert Plant

It's not some great work of beauty and love to be a rock-and-roll singer.
- Robert Plant

It's sort of a feeling of power onstage. It's really the ability to make people smile, or just to turn them one way or another for that duration of time, and for it to have some effect later on. I don't really think it's power... it's the goodness.
- Robert Plant

Music is for every single person that walks the planet.
- Robert Plant

My dad played fiddle as well.
- Robert Plant

Since I was a kid, I've had an absolute obsession with particular kinds of American music. Mississippi Delta blues of the Thirties, Chicago blues of the Fifties, West Coast music of the mid-Sixties - but I'd never really touched on dark Americana.
- Robert Plant

When I was a kid, I was following black soul music.
- Robert Plant

Whenever I have bid a hasty goodbye to a loved one, I've always made sure that my record collection was safely stored away in the boot of the car.
- Robert Plant

You can't give up something you really believe in for financial reasons. If you die by the roadside - so be it. But at least you know you've tried. Ten minutes in the music scene was the equal of one hundred years outside of it.
- Robert Plant

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