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Born: May 3, 1965, Swansea, Wales, UK
Birth Country: UK
Occupation: TV writer

I think it's almost an indulgence to focus on the dark side of things. And as you get older, you want to focus on the positive.
- Rob Brydon

The thing is, when I had my first success it did coincide with the end of my first marriage, and because I went on to have a very, very unhappy two years, I don't think I equate career success with personal happiness.
- Rob Brydon

When you're a kid, I think you want to be a film star. And I'm not as enamoured with that any more. The reality of that life is a lot of travel, and a lot of being away, which is impractical because I have four children, so I don't want to be away that much, not the other side of the world away.
- Rob Brydon

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