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Born: February 6, 1931, Temple, Texas, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Actor

Be your own politics, grow your own garden, and maybe you can help out more.
- Rip Torn

I've got two old Volvos, two old Subarus, and an old Ford Ranger. If you've got an old car, you've gotta have at least several old cars, 'cause one's always gonna be in the garage.
- Rip Torn

If you're lucky enough to have a pretty girl love you and share herself and sleep with you, make that your secret. The best way to spoil love is by talking to too many people about it.
- Rip Torn

When I grew up, people said, 'You'll never be the man your dad was.' And I said, 'Gee, I hope not.'
- Rip Torn

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