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Born: July 18, 1954, Kentucky, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Music artist

Country's hip it's cool music.
- Ricky Skaggs

I always had a standard of, back when I was doing the country music I always told people I would never record a song that I wouldn't sit down and sing in front of my mom and dad.
- Ricky Skaggs

I look back to when I got divorced in the late 1970s. When that happened, I was so broken up. After that, I decided to seek God for my life and my next marriage.
- Ricky Skaggs

I've got tapes that I'm so thankful that my father made - old reel-to-reel tapes. I've got a ton of those things at home. He kept those like fine diamonds, I mean he kept them, you know, in a box and was very, very careful of them, you know.
- Ricky Skaggs

It's part of the calling to at least do a few songs in the show that give people some hope. There's so much hurt in this world and... music is such a great healing balm and a great way to forget your troubles.
- Ricky Skaggs

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