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Born: August 23, 1949, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Birth Country: Australia
Occupation: Music artist

I mean I was famous for nothing.
- Rick Springfield

I think good art does come from a dark place.
- Rick Springfield

I was a happy kid up until I hit the teen years.
- Rick Springfield

I was one of those dark, quiet kids that wrote poetry.
- Rick Springfield

I went to America and got into a band, had success, had hits in Australia.
- Rick Springfield

I'd say that after my father passed my writing changed, it went deeper. Most would say 'matured' but I don't think I'd use that word in relation to my progress. I think 'change' is a little more accurate.
- Rick Springfield

I'll watch any show on the History Channel.
- Rick Springfield

I'm thankful for serendipitous moments in my life, where things could've gone the other way.
- Rick Springfield

My wife and I have built trust with our children and have always had open communication.
- Rick Springfield

The first guitar I ever got was for my 13th birthday.
- Rick Springfield

The whole point of me doing a Christmas record and what I centered it around was the song 'Christmas with You' from the point-of-view of the soldiers in Iraq.
- Rick Springfield

They were marketing me as a teen idol, when the stuff on the record was not what teen idols were doing at the time.
- Rick Springfield

Yes, all my songs come from personal experience and relationships.
- Rick Springfield

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