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Born: June 3, 1804, Heyshott, England, United Kingdom
Birth Country: England, UK
Died: Suffolk Street, London, UK, April 2, 1865
Occupation: , Manufacturer

But it is my happiness to be half Welsh, and that the better half.
- Richard Cobden

For the progress of scientific knowledge will lead to a constant increase of expenditure.
- Richard Cobden

From 1836, down to last year, there is no proof of the Government having any confidence in the duration of peace, or possessing increased security against war.
- Richard Cobden

I came here as a practical man, to talk, not simply on the question of peace and war, but to treat another question which is of hardly less importance - the enormous and burdensome standing armaments which it is the practice of modern Governments to sustain in time of peace.
- Richard Cobden

I confess that for fifteen years my efforts in education, and my hopes of success in establishing a system of national education, have always been associated with the idea of coupling the education of this country with the religious communities which exist.
- Richard Cobden

I have been particularly struck with the overwhelming evidence which is given as to the fitness of the natives of India for high offices and employments.
- Richard Cobden

I therefore declare, that if you wish any remission of the taxation which falls upon the homes of the people of England and Wales, you can only find it by reducing the great military establishments, and diminishing the money paid to fighting men in time of peace.
- Richard Cobden

In Holland, they have come to precisely the same conclusion. There they have adopted a system of secular education, because they have found it impracticable to unite the religious bodies in any system of combined religious instruction.
- Richard Cobden

The progress of freedom depends more upon the maintenance of peace, the spread of commerce, and the diffusion of education, than upon the labors of cabinets and foreign offices.
- Richard Cobden

Treaties of peace, made after war, are entrusted to individuals to negotiate and carry out.
- Richard Cobden

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