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Born: October 8, 1943, Columbus, Ohio, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Author

A real New Yorker likes the sound of a garbage truck in the morning.
- R. L. Stine

Everything that has happened to me has been amazing and surprising.
- R. L. Stine

I always just wanted to be funny. I never really planned to be scary.
- R. L. Stine

I got the chance to do things that I dreamed of when I was a kid: I got to travel around the world I had my own 'Goosebumps' attraction at Disney World I've been on TV and had three TV series.
- R. L. Stine

I started writing when I was 9 years old. I was like this weird kid who would just stay in my room, typing little funny magazines and drawing comic strips.
- R. L. Stine

I'm obsessed with radio. It's a good start to Sunday morning.
- R. L. Stine

I've never dreamed of a story idea. I have such boring dreams.
- R. L. Stine

It's hard for children's authors to be accepted when they try to write adult books. J.K. Rowling is the exception because people are so eager to read anything by her, but it took Judy Blume three or four tries before she had a success.
- R. L. Stine

Most fears are basic: fear of the dark, fear of going down in the basement, fear of weird sounds, fear that somebody is waiting for you in your closet. Those kinds of things stay with you no matter what age.
- R. L. Stine

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