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Born: January 26, 1911, Blankenburg, District of Blankenburg, Duchy of Brunswick, German Empire
Birth Country: German Empire
Died: Dallas, March 20, 1993
Occupation: Academic

I feel, sometimes, as the renaissance man must have felt in finding new riches at every point and in the certainty that unexplored areas of knowledge and experience await at every turn.
- Polykarp Kusch

If, on occasion, the knowledge brought by science leads to an unhappy end, this is not to the discredit of science but is rather an indication of an imperfect ability to use wisely the gifts placed within our hands.
- Polykarp Kusch

Indeed science alone may perhaps be sterile when pursued without an understanding of the world in which scientific knowledge is created and in which the fruits of science are used.
- Polykarp Kusch

Science shows us truth and beauty and fills each day with a fresh wonder of the exquisite order which governs our world.
- Polykarp Kusch

The increase of scientific knowledge lies not only in the occasional milestones of science, but in the efforts of the very large body of men who with love and devotion observe and study nature.
- Polykarp Kusch

The knowledge and understanding of the world which science gives us and the magnificent opportunity which it extends to us to control and use the world for the extension of our pleasure in it has never been greater than it now is.
- Polykarp Kusch

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