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Born: January 2, 1976, Seville, Spain
Birth Country: Spain
Occupation: Actor, Actress

Asian people have a unique way about them and a different sense of beauty. It's exotic to me. I like they way Asians project their feelings. There's a hardness to the culture, but at the same time there's a delicateness.
- Paz Vega

Big dress, cocktails, party - I love that. It is my work, but my work allow me to have glamour, to wear beautiful and amazing dresses, to go to big ceremonies.
- Paz Vega

For me, everything is cool.
- Paz Vega

I cook croquetas, and I eat jamon. I keep my diet 100% Mediterranean and drink my Rioja. In that sense, I have a piece of Spain in West Hollywood.
- Paz Vega

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