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Born: June 26, 1970, Joliet, Illinois, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Author

And what we've lost sight of is that performing manual labor with your hands is one of the most incredibly satisfying and positive things you can do.
- Nick Offerman

I grew up in a small town in Illinois, and my dad was a basketball coach. Thanks to him, I have excellent fundamentals in both basketball and baseball.
- Nick Offerman

If you're an original thinker, you are going get told 'no' a lot, and you have to be able to hear 'no' many times from the bankers and trust that at some point, someone is going to recognize that you are an artist and not a can of soda.
- Nick Offerman

It's funny, growing up there was never anybody around me with any kind of artistic bent.
- Nick Offerman

Meat is a big deal in my life. I do love breakfast food, but I don't think that's extraordinary. I'm a normal American. We love eggs and meat and potatoes and gravy.
- Nick Offerman

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