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Born: December 7, 1989, Wokingham, Berkshire, England, UK
Birth Country: UK
Occupation: Actor

After 'Skins' I became mildly famous, which was a bit of a disaster.
- Nicholas Hoult

I think all teenagers feel alone, and that nobody else knows what they are going through and all that sort of stuff.
- Nicholas Hoult

I think interviews can be fine. It's just there's this terrible fear of coming off wrongly or saying something that gets taken out of context.
- Nicholas Hoult

I've got a really great family round me, two sisters and an older brother and my mum and dad. Everybody's equal.
- Nicholas Hoult

If you're out, and starving, and need a bite to eat, then you need fast food.
- Nicholas Hoult

Other people's success spurs me on to do well and gives me motivation.
- Nicholas Hoult

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