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Born: January 13, 1978, East Lansing, Michigan
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Author

A lot of journalism wants to have what they call objectivity without them having a commitment to pursuing the truth, but that doesn't work. Objectivity requires belief in and a commitment toward pursuing the truth - having an object outside of our personal point of view.
- Nate Silver

By playing games you can artificially speed up your learning curve to develop the right kind of thought processes.
- Nate Silver

Distinguishing the signal from the noise requires both scientific knowledge and self-knowledge.
- Nate Silver

First of all, I think it's odd that people who cover politics wouldn't have any political views.
- Nate Silver

I guess I don't like the people in politics very much, to be blunt.
- Nate Silver

I love South American food, and I haven't really been down there. I really need a vacation.
- Nate Silver

I was looking for something like baseball, where there's a lot of data and the competition was pretty low. That's when I discovered politics.
- Nate Silver

I've become invested with this symbolic power. It really does transcend what I'm actually doing and what I actually deserve.
- Nate Silver

In politics people build whole reputations off of getting one thing right.
- Nate Silver

People still don't appreciate how ephemeral success is.
- Nate Silver

Success makes you less intimidated by things.
- Nate Silver

We're not that much smarter than we used to be, even though we have much more information - and that means the real skill now is learning how to pick out the useful information from all this noise.
- Nate Silver

When human judgment and big data intersect there are some funny things that happen.
- Nate Silver

When you try to predict future E.R.A.'s with past E.R.A.'s, you're making a mistake.
- Nate Silver

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