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Born: February 13, 1947, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Basketball coach

Fun is to experience things you would not have been able to experience in any other setting.
- Mike Krzyzewski

I always won in my imagination. I always hit the game-winning shot, or I hit the free throw. Or if I missed, there was a lane violation, and I was given another one.
- Mike Krzyzewski

I had a really bad temper, when I was growing up. Sport helped me channel that temper into more positive acts.
- Mike Krzyzewski

I have a rule on my team: when we talk to one another, we look each other right in the eye, because I think it's tough to lie to somebody. You give respect to somebody.
- Mike Krzyzewski

I think some parents now look at a youngster failing as the final thing. It's a process, and failure is part of the process. I would like it if the teacher and the parents would connect more. I think that used to be, but we're losing a little bit of that right now.
- Mike Krzyzewski

I've been so fortunate in my life that my family has never been jealous of my success. They have shown true love and commitment to me by being supportive. They shared in it.
- Mike Krzyzewski

I've tried to handle winning well, so that maybe we'll win again, but I've also tried to handle failure well. If those serve as good examples for teachers and kids, then I hope that would be a contribution I have made to sport. Not just basketball, but to sport.
- Mike Krzyzewski

Imagination has a great deal to do with winning.
- Mike Krzyzewski

In high school, in sport, I had a coach who told me I was much better than I thought I was, and would make me do more in a positive sense. He was the first person who taught me not to be afraid of failure.
- Mike Krzyzewski

Leadership is an ever-evolving position.
- Mike Krzyzewski

My ambition in high school was to be a high school coach and teacher, and that's still what I do: teach.
- Mike Krzyzewski

The person who has inspired me my whole life is my Mom, because she taught me commitment. She sacrificed.
- Mike Krzyzewski

The thing I loved the most - and still love the most about teaching - is that you can connect with an individual or a group, and see that individual or group exceed their limits.
- Mike Krzyzewski

The truth is that many people set rules to keep from making decisions.
- Mike Krzyzewski

Throughout my life, my mom has been the person that I've always looked up to.
- Mike Krzyzewski

To me, teamwork is the beauty of our sport, where you have five acting as one. You become selfless.
- Mike Krzyzewski

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