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Born: June 18, 1950, Osage, Iowa
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Politician

Food safety involves everybody in the food chain.
- Mike Johanns

In beef trade issues, we base our decisions upon science.
- Mike Johanns

Science is the international language, so when we are able to convince countries that good decision-making for human health and animal health is based upon science, that's a real success story for us.
- Mike Johanns

The goal is to normalize trade relations based on sound science and consumer protection.
- Mike Johanns

The world is really figuring BSE out, and that's positive.
- Mike Johanns

This president has said this has to be a priority for our nation, protecting our food supply from terrorist acts, so he continues to provide the funding that is necessary.
- Mike Johanns

We asked ourselves and the world to base decisions on good science, and I really believe the United States can be the leader in delivering that message to our international trading partners.
- Mike Johanns

We're going to do everything possible to make sure that food safety is always paramount, and that we work with the industry as aggressively as we can to make sure that we're paying attention to the food-safety issues.
- Mike Johanns

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