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Born: September 9, 1980, Kalispell, Montana, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Actor

For me, relationships are the real action movies. Bombs are exploding every day and the kitchen is Ground Zero.
- Michelle Williams

I don't know what my version of a relationship or marriage is yet, because the typical model seems a little broken to me.
- Michelle Williams

I don't think things through very often - I don't project into the future about how a situation will turn out.
- Michelle Williams

I like to do weird things in the shower, like drink my coffee, brush my teeth and drink a smoothie. It's good time management.
- Michelle Williams

I'm not making any bets on the future.
- Michelle Williams

It felt as if things were literally slipping through my fingers. Things were just streaming away from me. I lost my sense of humor. I'm still looking for that.
- Michelle Williams

Whatever education I got was from experience and reading. But I also realize I wouldn't pass my friend's sixth-grade class.
- Michelle Williams

When you're in a relationship with somebody who is also a public personality, then it doubles the attention from the media.
- Michelle Williams

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