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Born: February 23, 1970,
Birth Country:
Occupation: Blogger

I am quite certain in my heart of hearts that modern music and modern art is not a conspiracy, but is a form of truth and integrity for those who practise it honestly, decently and with all their being.
- Michael Tippett

Music is a performance and needs the audience.
- Michael Tippett

My true function within a society which embraces all of us is to continue an age-old tradition. This tradition is to create images from the depths of the imagination and to give them form, whether visual, intellectual or musical.
- Michael Tippett

Poetry is fascinating. As soon as it begins the poetry has changed the thing into something extra, and somehow prose can go over into poetry.
- Michael Tippett

Shakespeare fascinated me. He hardly ever left the country. His imagination was worldwide though reading.
- Michael Tippett

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