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Born: December 12, 1975, San Diego, California, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Actor

Attachment parenting is not a passive parenting style.
- Mayim Bialik

I came to parenting the way most of us do - knowing nothing and trying to learn everything.
- Mayim Bialik

I have a neuroscience background - that's what my doctorate is in - and I was trained to study hormones of attachment, so I definitely feel my parenting is informed by that.
- Mayim Bialik

I think a lot of times on TV we see caricatures - that's what's funny.
- Mayim Bialik

I was raised on comic books, and I love science fiction.
- Mayim Bialik

I'm one of those people that thinks the Internet is amazing, and I can't believe it exists.
- Mayim Bialik

I've become sort of an accidental advocate for attachment parenting, which is a style of parenting that... basically, the way mammals parent and the way people have parented for pretty much all of human history except the last 200 years or so.
- Mayim Bialik

It's wonderful to be appreciated for being quirky, and to see Zooey Deschanel and the quirky, indie film types get mainstream play is amazing for women, because women are much more complicated than what we've see on TV in the past.
- Mayim Bialik

Relationships are complicated no matter what style of parenting you choose.
- Mayim Bialik

The level of communication you can achieve with an infant is really profound.
- Mayim Bialik

When you're used to being prepared to reject conventional wisdom, it leaves you open to learn more.
- Mayim Bialik

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