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Born: August 24, 1872, London, England, UK
Birth Country: UK
Died: Rapallo, Liguria, Italy, May 20, 1956
Occupation: Author

As a teacher, as a propagandist, Mr. Shaw is no good at all, even in his own generation. But as a personality, he is immortal.
- Max Beerbohm

It seems to be a law of nature that no man, unless he has some obvious physical deformity, ever is loth to sit for his portrait.
- Max Beerbohm

Most women are not as young as they are painted.
- Max Beerbohm

People who insist on telling their dreams are among the terrors of the breakfast table.
- Max Beerbohm

There is much to be said for failure. It is much more interesting than success.
- Max Beerbohm

To destroy is still the strongest instinct in nature.
- Max Beerbohm

To give and then not feel that one has given is the very best of all ways of giving.
- Max Beerbohm

We must stop talking about the American dream and start listening to the dreams of Americans.
- Max Beerbohm

When hospitality becomes an art it loses its very soul.
- Max Beerbohm

You will find that the woman who is really kind to dogs is always one who has failed to inspire sympathy in men.
- Max Beerbohm

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