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Born: 1914-04-04, Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Birth Country: Vietnam
Died: Paris, France, 1996-03-03
Occupation: Writer

Alcohol doesn't console, it doesn't fill up anyone's psychological gaps, all it replaces is the lack of God. It doesn't comfort man. On the contrary, it encourages him in his folly, it transports him to the supreme regions where he is master of his own destiny.
- Marguerite Duras

It was the men I deceived the most that I loved the most.
- Marguerite Duras

It's afterwards you realize that the feeling of happiness you had with a man didn't necessarily prove that you loved him.
- Marguerite Duras

Men like women who write. Even though they don't say so. A writer is a foreign country.
- Marguerite Duras

The best way to fill time is to waste it.
- Marguerite Duras

The house a woman creates is a Utopia. She can't help it - can't help trying to interest her nearest and dearest not in happiness itself but in the search for it.
- Marguerite Duras

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