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Born: 1978-12-17, Kibawe, Philippines
Birth Country: Philippines
Occupation: Professional Boxer, Actor, Politician

All those who are around me are the bridge to my success, so they are all important.
- Manny Pacquiao

I only gave out my opinion that same sex marriage is against the law of God.
- Manny Pacquiao

I was just doing my job in the ring and doing my best to make people happy.
- Manny Pacquiao

I've already established my (political)machinery. It's like a car. It's fixed already. You just have to get in and drive it.
- Manny Pacquiao

Only in death will I relinquish my belts.
- Manny Pacquiao

The most important thing as a leader is your relationship with God.
- Manny Pacquiao

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