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Born: August 19, 1965, New York City, New York, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Actress

After 14 years, it better be a real marriage, you know? We do have a great time together. We are really lucky.
- Kyra Sedgwick

He put a ring in the toe of a stocking. On Christmas Eve, we opened our stockings and it was there at the bottom of the toe. Then he got down on his knees and he was shaking.
- Kyra Sedgwick

I have too much respect for the characters I play to make them anything but as real as they can possibly be. I have a great deal of respect for all of them, otherwise I wouldn't do them. And I don't want to screw them by not portraying them honestly.
- Kyra Sedgwick

It's not always thankless. Let's face it - it's not always thankless. I've gotten a lot of really great recognition and I've worked with amazing people.
- Kyra Sedgwick

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