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Born: January 20, 1976, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Birth Country: UK
Occupation: TV personality

Being a mother is quite tiring. There's not much time to do anything. You just rush around and it's hard work.
- Kirsty Gallacher

I also try to eat as much raw food and clean food as possible.
- Kirsty Gallacher

I come from a sports family and my husband is a rugby player.
- Kirsty Gallacher

I love animals and feel very strongly that people should not be allowed to buy a pet if they are not able to look after it.
- Kirsty Gallacher

Sports broadcasting is very open now. In the beginning you did encounter more traditional attitudes and get comments. But I'm talking about 12 years ago.
- Kirsty Gallacher

The idea that so many kids eat rubbish and sit on computers all day long appals me and getting them into sport is a major way of getting them off computers and leading healthier lives.
- Kirsty Gallacher

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