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Born: September 6, 1966, Miami, FL, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Politician

It is sad that the Republican leadership is not as interested as they say they are in protecting the institution of marriage as they are in waging a campaign to divide and distract the American people from the real issues that need to be addressed.
- Kendrick Meek

Looking at affordable health care, I think it is important that we look not only at prescription drugs, but also make sure that there is a major focus on health care.
- Kendrick Meek

Making sure that health care is affordable for every American. I think that is very, very important.
- Kendrick Meek

Mrs. Parks' act of brave defiance rocked the foundation of American society and inspired generations of civil rights leaders and created a sense of hope for every American facing legal discrimination in this country.
- Kendrick Meek

Studies have consistently shown that financial hardship is the biggest obstacle to heterosexual marriage, yet the Republican leadership has done precious little to help address the financial hardship faced by American families.
- Kendrick Meek

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