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Born: March 1, 1994, London, Ontario, Canada
Birth Country: Canada
Occupation: Music artist

Canada's the best country in the world.
- Justin Bieber

Cheryl Cole and Katy Perry are two of the hottest girls in the world - and so normal and funny with it. If I was a few years older they are the kind of girls I'd like to date. I want a younger version of Cheryl and Katy - a mixture of the two would be hot.
- Justin Bieber

Friends are the best to turn to when you're having a rough day.
- Justin Bieber

I grew up in a really small town with not a lot of money, and I liked singing, but it was just something that was a hobby.
- Justin Bieber

I think older people can appreciate my music because I really show my heart when I sing, and it's not corny. I think I can grow as an artist, and my fans will grow with me.
- Justin Bieber

I want to be a young dad. By 25 or 26 I want to see myself, like, married or start looking for a family.
- Justin Bieber

I'm looking forward to influencing others in a positive way. My message is you can do anything if you just put your mind to it.
- Justin Bieber

I've got my eye on a few things to spend my money on. I've got my own bank card but I am really good with money. I don't spend too much at all.
- Justin Bieber

It's cool when fans spend so much time making things for me. It means a lot.
- Justin Bieber

We're trying to set up a movie for me in the near future. It's going to be similar to the story of how I got discovered. Kinda like my own version of '8 Mile.'
- Justin Bieber

Young people in the business have grown up and made the wrong decisions, or bad decisions, and haven't been good role models. To be someone that people look up to is important to me.
- Justin Bieber

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