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Born: July 27, 1967, Wiscasset, Maine, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Music artist

As long as there are religions, there are going to be people who are hiding their rottenness behind the veil of religion.
- Juliana Hatfield

I don't have anything to prove anymore. I don't have a record deal, no one has any expectations, I'm in a position of freedom. I don't need anyone's approval.
- Juliana Hatfield

I don't really care about money. I find money boring and accounting boring, so I'm probably not going to ever make a lot of money.
- Juliana Hatfield

I still have all the faith and love for my music and yet I'm still playing places for kids.
- Juliana Hatfield

If you want to achieve things in life, you've just got to do them, and if you're talented and smart, you'll succeed.
- Juliana Hatfield

My dad was depressed a lot of the time, and there were a lot of things in his life that he never resolved.
- Juliana Hatfield

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