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Born: January 13, 1961, New York City, New York, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Actor

Before computers, telephone lines and television connect us, we all share the same air, the same oceans, the same mountains and rivers. We are all equally responsible for protecting them.
- Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Elaine is just in pain. I think Elaine has become very, very sad woman. She is someone who is in deep need of many hours of analysis and I like to think that I'm not that type of person.
- Julia Louis-Dreyfus

I have no agenda except to be funny. Neither I or the writers profess to offer any worldly wisdom.
- Julia Louis-Dreyfus

If you feel rooted in your home and family, if you're active in your community, there's nothing more empowering. The best way to make a difference in the world is to start by making a difference in your own life.
- Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Some people can sometimes really invade your space and kind of never leave you alone.
- Julia Louis-Dreyfus

The Seinfeld motto: No learning, no hugging.
- Julia Louis-Dreyfus

The war and terrorism in the Middle East, the crisis of leadership in many of the oil-supply countries in the developing world, the crisis of global warming - all these are very clearly tied to energy.
- Julia Louis-Dreyfus

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