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Born: February 14, 1947, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Politician

At least Obama was half-way honest about how much he was going to spend on health care. He had it at $600 billion. And the real number... is $1.2 trillion.
- Judd Gregg

I think, like everybody else in New Hampshire, when I pull up to fill up my car and I pay $50, I get upset. And I'm wondering if these prices are legitimate.
- Judd Gregg

I've always been a strong supporter of environmental protection and initiatives in that area. But I'm willing to set priorities. If we have to make reductions in one place, we'll have to-in order to increase another place, I'm willing to do that.
- Judd Gregg

Most people get their politics, obviously, from TV shows about senators or movies about them or... all the day-to-day press and the talk shows.
- Judd Gregg

We can all agree that no American should lose their life savings or their home because of illness or injury and that the rising cost of health care severely burdens individuals, families and businesses.
- Judd Gregg

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